Hoya cuttings bundle

Hoya cuttings bundle

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5 RANDOM cuttings per box 
(pricing changes every restock per varieties)

It’s a new year so why not try new things? We’re excited to start offering Hoya cutting bundles!

For our first time doing this, we’re going to be limiting the amount of bundles available to 25 customers on a first come, first serve basis.

Though the cuttings will be random - no special requests - Please check out the “pool” of species we’ll be choosing from so that you can see if what we’re offering appeals to you!

(This month’s pool is available for you to see down below ⬇️ )

I know the prospect of random cuttings can instill a sense of skepticism, but rest assured that we’re going to make each bundle special! Our gauge for satisfaction is whether *WE* as Hoya collectors would be excited to receive a cutting of a certain species.

Though large leaf species will ship with one node, our smaller leaf species will ship with at least three nodes.

Familiarity with rooting hoyas is a plus, but we will include tips and tricks in each package to set you up for success. Each cutting will be made very shortly prior to shipping to ensure the highest chance of survival.

◦ H. scortechinii (pink)

◦ H. waymaniae (Malaysia aka big leaves)

◦ H. undulata

◦ H. benguetensis

◦ H. nicholsoniae

◦ H. sp. IV from WMZ

◦ H. sp. UT-029

◦ H. lacunosa black (formerly krohniana)

◦ H. ‘Nathalie’

◦ H. sp. Tam Dao

◦ Reverted ‘Wilbur Graves’

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